Daily Moments – Week 7

Here’s our week . . .

I tried out a new recipe, Coconut Shrimp Noodles. You put the sauce and the noodles in one pot and cooks together without draining. It was delicious. If you are making this with kids, I would leave out the chili-garlic sauce. IMG_0791 One morning we got donuts. It was a good morning.IMG_0801

On Sunday, I made biscuits and gravy. I’ve been craving this for about a month.IMG_0805

I finally completed a project.IMG_20140217_113721

Fennel and Blood Orange Salad.IMG_20140218_122910

Brooks made a cactus.IMG_20140218_133013

New lunches for a new week.IMG_20140218_082537552

Lemon and Raspberry Hearts.

I love making them giggle.

Its taking over. In a few weeks, my feet will be gone.IMG_20140219_095433954

We got gold! We’ve started to take the boys to a Saturday sports class at our local community center.IMG_20140222_105111

Nature’s ombre – blood oranges.IMG_20140222_211956

Apple Jalapeno Jelly on biscuits.IMG_20140223_083545

Breakfast with this guy.IMG_20140223_084756See you next week!


9 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 7

  1. Tara. I am so hungry after reading/seeing this! Did you use rice noodles or spaghetti with the shrimp? I am glad that you include recipes. Can’t wait to try salad. Will you share your gravy recipe?

  2. Guess what I just came across in my closet at my parent’s house? The picture you painted for me of the lady holding an umbrella! Do you remember that? Such an artist!!

  3. Thank you for sharing those recipes, I will attempt them too! Your project is so pretty, I didn’t realize you were an artist. I always enjoy reading your posts, I feel inspired every time! Blessings!

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