Daily Moments – Week 6

Here’s our week . . .

I heard there was another winter storm coming so I made a pie – chicken pot pie. This is becoming my signature recipe.

We woke up to a lot of beautiful mornings like this. I’m pretty sure my neighbors would disagree. I think I’m the only one in favor of the white stuff.

They boys were amazed by the snow. We spent some time just staring out the window.IMG_20140212_152940525_HDR

We are really into the Olympics, especially the biathlon. Here they are rounding the bend and getting ready to shoot.IMG_0711

Organizing the shooting process. Brooks was telling Silas how to aim at the target.IMG_0712

IMG_0709We spent some time watching movies.


I had to find creative ways to do movies so it would be exciting (and so they would stay in one spot the whole time).

I made them cars out of large rubbermaids.IMG_0728

While they were busy, I finally finished their Valentines for their classmates.IMG_0739

And of course we had to go outside a few times.IMG_0746

Watching the snow fall.IMG_0756 How many little boys can fit in the firetruck?IMG_0762

Reading before nap time in the turtle tent.IMG_0770

They boys got some special Valentine’s Day surprises.IMG_0776

Blueberry pancakes with pink butter.IMG_0777

Brooks filled up his entire sleeping chart! IMG_0778

And he got a watch for his reward.IMG_0780

And we are back to the Olympics.IMG_0783

This time though we had giant balloons to carry through the course (thanks to a Great Aunt.)IMG_0784

One of their Valentine’s gifts was shaving kits. They love shaving cream.
IMG_0790See you next week!


3 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 6

  1. Would love to live at your home for about 1 week. It looks like alot of fun and good and healthy things to eat 🙂 Love your blog ! and also your sons 🙂 JoAnn

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