Daily Moments – Week 2

Here’s our week . . . .

Sole Meuniere. I had no idea this recipe had such a fancy name.  Its basically chicken piccata without the chicken.

I discovered goat cheese tastes amazing with cucumbers and naan.IMG_0461

I made gingerbread muffins with lemon curd for my neighborhood’s weekly Downton Party.IMG_0469

Brooks was really proud of his truck.IMG_0471

We discovered that Silas LOVES avocados. Its a fierce love.IMG_0475

Brooks wants to play GoFish every night. Its interesting playing with a 4 and 2 year old.IMG_0480

I’ve started to let Brooks and Silas go to the mailbox by themselves (I’m of course standing at the top of the driveway). They think they’re really big, especially Brooks who knows he is helping brother.IMG_0486Pants are optional for the firemen in our house. He is a musical fireman who carries around his guitar and a musical Christmas card.


I bought these tulips this week because they reminded me of pink tutus.IMG_0491

I love when the light comes in through my kitchen (please ignore the dirty windows – they’re on my to do list for this week).IMG_0496

Excited about this weekend read.IMG_0502

My superhero.IMG_0506

I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to Georgia clay. I’m still surprised when I look down.IMG_20140112_162653528_HDR

My kumquats are starting to ripen. IMG_20140112_171854605

Bed head. IMG_20140114_084714995

Mark I got a pho lunch date this week.IMG_20140116_121919

Brooks wanted to know how much money he had so we emptied the piggy bank, sorted, and counted. I thought he maybe had $25, but we were both surprised to find out he had $50! Now he gets to decide how he’s going to spend it. IMG_20140117_095335739

See you next week!

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