Daily Moments – Week 1

I know that this is not the first week of January, but because I do my posts on Sunday this is our first week. I considered doing a different theme for the blog this year, but tracking our life through pictures of our week is so much easier than what I was doing before. And I’ve gotten a better response from family and friends on the blog. So we are back to another 52 weeks. Here’s to a New Year of blogging!

There is nothing like homemade broth. IMG_0426

This pictures was taken moments before I realized both boys had hidden a stash of candy in the living room. I wish I could say this was the first stash of candy I found that day but it was the third. Movie night was taken away which ensued in many tears. We now keep a small bag of Cherrios or raisins for our hungry early birds in their rooms (they were sneaking downstairs early in the morning to hide their candy).IMG_0427

My favorite find of the week, Maple Olive Oil Banana Bread. A dab of butter with a bit honey makes it the perfect breakfast.IMG_0436

We took down the tree. I know we could wrap the tree in a blanket or tarp to carry it out, but I oddly find cleaning up pine needles therapeutic.IMG_0441

We had donuts on Saturday. This is Silas’ I’m so excited look. IMG_0445

Apple fritters on a gloomy morning.IMG_0450

It might have been 5 degrees outside but we had things to do and no one was on the road or in the stores. The boys got a haircut.IMG_20140107_092554

And a cleaning at the dentist. It was a productive morning. This was Silas’ first time in the chair. He did great because they turned on a T.V.IMG_20140107_084152109

This day might of started with tornado watches and thunderstorms, but it ended in a beautiful sunset.IMG_20140111_174209

I burnt Brooks’ nose this week. I was showing him what tamales look like while they were steaming and unfortunately his face was right next to the pot when I lifted the lid. I felt horrible! It looks much better now.


And now here’s the boys singing their favorite. This time they have a stage.

And since its the first week of blogging I thought I would add what my goals are for the year. If I don’t make them public, I’m less motivated to work at them. I would like my bedroom to be a place of peace and rest and not chaos, toys, or dirty laundry. And I hope to put more thought and prayer into how I raise my little guys.

See you next week!

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