Daily Moments – Week 48

I realized today we have 17 days till Christmas! I hope all the presents I ordered this week come in on time.

Here’s our week . . . .

Planes all lined up along the airfield.

And a brief inspection before take off.IMG_0184


I finally made the switch from Halloween/Fall to Christmas/Winter this week.IMG_0185

We all experienced our first Gingerbread House building this week. It was much easier than anticipated thanks to Trader Joe’s.IMG_0188

Question: Do you eat the house after you complete it? Mark and I got in a long discussion about this issue. I ended up Googling it.IMG_0193

They were so proud . . . IMG_0197

but they couldn’t keep their slimy hands off of it for me to take a good picture.

We put up the tree.IMG_0203

I made a bacon wrapped shrimp and tacofied three of them.IMG_0210

All my morning walks this week were misty, but warm. It was a weird sensation.IMG_20131204_101501

Life is so much easier when these two can get along.IMG_0215

Someone was nibbling on the pears . . . Silas.IMG_0217

Silas likes pickles.IMG_0221

The boys did a Home Depot project this Saturday with Dad. They made Tic-Tac-Toe boards.IMG_0225

They would not cooperate for a picture.IMG_0228

If one brother does, it must be cool.IMG_0233


Dad also took them Burger King for ice cream.

He wouldn’t leave without his fireman helmet.



This means MARSHMALLOWS!IMG_0241

I experimented with chocolate and cinnamon this year. IMG_0245

They taste like hot chocolate in a small bite.IMG_0249See you next week!


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