Daily Moments – Week 46

Here’s our week . . .

The boys are really into Peter Pan.
IMG_9793Brooks asked me, “Could you make me one of those things that click against your face when you see a crocodile?” Which means, could you make me a moustache?


Silas and his sunnies.IMG_9796

I made Apple Jalapeno Jam.IMG_9800

Making Thanksgiving cards.IMG_9803

We are trying the sleeping chart again. So far we have one sticker and we’ve been doing it for a week. I still have hope.IMG_9809

I got to visit Brooks’ school to enjoy a Thanksgiving Feast. He was pumped.IMG_9813

Our finished Thanksgiving cards.IMG_9837

These two . . .IMG_9842A friend recently returned a pumpkin costume that she had borrowed. Silas really wanted to wear it. Its size 6-12 months. It was a bit too small on him.

Brooks made a drum from one of his toys and then used chopsticks for drum sticks.IMG_9846

He told me he was a plane-drummer man.IMG_9847

Mark celebrated a birthday this week. This was the first time I got this cake right. It was my fourth attempt. After three years of failures, I finally asked my Mother-in-law for the recipe. It turned out perfect.IMG_9854

The boys could’ve spent a couple of hours watching these guys build a new playground down the street.Park picHappy Thanksgiving! See you next week!


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