Daily Moments – Week 45

Here’s our week . . .

I made the easiest raspberry tart. Thanks Ina.IMG_9725


Brooks taught us how to play the “biolin.”IMG_9733




Table centerpiece thanks to Brooks and Silas.

Silas loves to wear his “goggles.”IMG_9762

They love story time.IMG_9778

I made Chocolate Bread.IMG_9785

And a Blackberry Summer Cake.IMG_9787

This is what my neighborhood looks like right now.IMG_9788

I love the jammy blackberries on top.


Hope you had a great week!

4 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 45

  1. Thank you for the crusty bread recipe! My first loaf is cooling in my kitchen. It was so easy to make and I look forward to playing with other favors! Your chocolate chip one is on my list! I have so much fun reading your blog. Thank you for sharing!

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