Daily Moments – Week 44

Our computer died this week, so we spent the day trying to upload all my old photos and transferring files, etc. Here’s a few I captured of our life this week.

One of my favorite breakfast.

He thought he was really funny in this picture.IMG_9687

Its unusual to see these two working together.



The end of my garden tomatoes.IMG_9696

Silas’ creation. He said it was a tractor.IMG_9699

I made applesauce.IMG_9702

Mark got out one of his old toys.IMG_9703

He took a pic of me and I took a pic of him.IMG_9706

I think its supposed to be a kid on a skateboard. We’ve had to confiscate it several times in the last two days. Its a hot commodity in our house.


I found this on the street.IMG_9713

We had nice weather this weekend.IMG_9716

I love that there are still things blooming even though the temperature is dropping. IMG_9717

School projects.


See you next week.

2 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 44

  1. Your breakfast-is my favorite too; if that is oatmeal. I tried kale on your Dad and Breana this weekend-nope they are not going for it. Darn. My now favorite lunch food.Silas has a cool tractor, Mr. Detail. See you soon. Love you. Mom

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