Daily Moments – Week 43

Another crazy week here. With Halloween and Halloween related activities and a family obligation in Chicago this weekend, I only managed to take a few pictures. So I’m including lots of Halloween pics of the boys.

Great-Grandma’s Dumplings.IMG_9643

Mark said this is the best yet – I’ve made this recipe many times. Sometimes they turn out okay and sometimes not okay. It seems the secret is homemade broth, a few extra veggies, and thinly rolled out dumplings.IMG_9645

This week, Thursday to be exact, Silas realized he could escape his cage. So after letting him ‘play’ for a bit I went into his room and found him sitting with all of his books and toys in his crib. IMG_9647

Cleared his shelves.IMG_9648

I’m not sure why he thought it would be better to be in his crib with all of his things instead of outside of his crib.



A fireman and a train conductor.IMG_9658

Brother hug. This usually results in someone crying or both wrestling on the ground.IMG_9659

They couldn’t and wouldn’t hold still.IMG_9663



The best pic of both.IMG_9669

They were so over pictures.IMG_9673

I love these ears.IMG_9674

On the way to get some candy.IMG_9675

A quick stop at the neighborhood game/treat stand.IMG_9676Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Can’t believe its November.

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