Daily Moments – Week 42

This is our week.

Brooks in his dino/dragon costume. He loved looking at himself in the mirror.

And this was the moment he realized it had a tail!IMG_9446

He was hiding.IMG_9448


Simple Soup: hummus, red peppers, chicken broth, rice and chicken.IMG_9452

Hello Mr. Fireman.IMG_9459

Silas in his favorite costume.


Playing with new blocks.IMG_9468

They love to match.IMG_9475


All lined up on their pretend carrier ship – their words, not mine.IMG_9483

One chilly night, we had hot cider and cinnamon grahams.IMG_9487

Shhh! There’s a fireman sleeping.IMG_9492

We went to Charleston for the weekend. We had a great view of the city.IMG_9497

We ate at some fabulous restaurants.IMG_9499

The boys loved the water and the open space.IMG_9505

A pink fountain!IMG_9511

Brooks refused to give me a good smile.IMG_9534


Silas loves to show-off.IMG_9552




I can’t keep his face clean.IMG_9620

I really like this bridge.IMG_9628We hope to go back soon.

Happy Halloween!

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