Daily Moments – Week 41

Hello . . . Here’s our week.

Its finally Fall here in Georgia. It got a bit chilly last night and I finally got out my boots. IMG_9376

My porch is looking festive.

I love these pumpkins because you can still see the vine marks on them. They have character.IMG_9379


We made smores.IMG_9381

Little boys knees are bumps and bruises. The picture is a bit of a blur because these two can’t stand still without giggling and dancing.IMG_9382



Super Construction Man?IMG_9389


My favorite breakfast – smoked salmon with butter, capers, dill.IMG_9399

Mark and I got a chance to get out of the house this week. IMG_9421

This time with toast and coconut butter. Don’t judge it till you try it.

On this particular day, I was potty training Silas (which is going really well, surprisingly) and it was a bit of a nasty day outside. Then the clouds opened up and sunlight burst through the windows. It lit up the entire kitchen.IMG_9424

They played with play dough and blocks for about an hour and a half!IMG_9428


Trader Joe’s had this awesome stalk of brussel sprouts. I thought the boys would like this.IMG_9430

I was right. They helped me pull off leaves and may of ate a few.IMG_9432


Funny thing, when I added butter, noodles, and salt they had no interest in them. They preferred them raw. This is a super simple recipe: Saute brussel sprout leaves in equal amounts oil and butter with salt and pepper.  Then add cooked egg noodles (you may need to add pasta water to keep food from sticking). Top with parmesan cheese or balsamic vinegar.

Hope you had a good week!


4 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 41

  1. I know I’ve told you several times- but this blog just is so nice. You do such a good job and letting me capture the boys day to day fun. Of course, keep those recipe’s coming

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