Daily Moments – Week 39

It just hit me today that I have been doing this for 39 weeks! You have gotten to see the intimates details of our daily routine for 273 days (I’m pretty sure my math is right on this since I Googled it – Ha!). I’m so glad I started journaling (I just spell checked this word on Google) through pictures. If you missed it, this is where I got my inspiration. I love this blog. And now for our week . . .

Brooks turned half of a cement truck into a face mask.

Silas continues to draw nonstop.



I created these tasty quesadillas. Unfortunately, only Mark and I were fans.IMG_9074

Puppets! IMG_9082

Hey there buddy. Sometimes he loves the camera.IMG_9087

And this one always has a smile.IMG_9093

Sometimes he hates the camera . . .IMG_9096

And he prefers Froggy to get his picture taken. While taking this, Silas was yelling, “NO! NO! NO!”

He has a really good poker face.IMG_9102

They were pretending to be firefighters resting until they get the call.IMG_9108

It was a lot of fun.IMG_9109

I got these PJs at a consignment sale. It was 3pm. He was so excited to find them in the laundry pile that he immediately stripped off his clothes and put them on, along with his green socks and Crocs. After this picture, he started to press the buttons on his chest and say, “I have buttons Mom! I have buttons!”IMG_9116


I know the topping on these pizzas look a bit odd, but it was a mushroom pesto. Brooks was really into it.

Mushroom Pesto: Saute 1 leek, 10 ozs of sliced mushrooms, 1 clove of garlic for 5 minutes with a tablespoon of olive oil. Then pulse with a handful of fresh basil.


I then topped it with fresh corn and cheese. IMG_9137

The next day Silas got to take a special mid-day swim in the bath because he figured out how to take off his diaper during nap. I’ll leave it at that.IMG_9148

I then thought he may be ready for the potty. So I put on his new underwear and he peed in the potty twice BY HIMSELF! Wow! He may not say a lot, but he is always watching big brother.IMG_9161

Some of my neighbors may recognize this guy.

He is in our yard about once a month. He’s usually in odd places like my mailbox or on the fence around the pool or in my yard just hanging out. He scares the living-day-lights out of me every time I see him because he is huge (see the pic above), I HATE birds, and he never attempts to hide himself. I appreciate his work because I rarely see snakes or other rodents. Basically, I fear this guy. IMG_9176
Brooks’ shopping list. Totally worth the 20 minutes I spent making it Saturday night.IMG_20131006_121228

Have a great week! Thanks for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 39

  1. This is my favorite time of the week. I love this blog and all the pictures that get posted. Again, thanks so very much.

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