Daily Moments – Week 38

Mark was gone most of the week and my Dad came to see the Grandkids for the weekend. We had a bit of a crazy week.

I made okra pickles. I think this could be our favorite way to eat pickles.


Hello perfectly organized hall closet. I don’t think we’ve ever been introduced. Look at the space!

The beginning of Maple Pecan Scones – courtesy of the Pioneer Woman.

So much icing, so much butter, so much sugar – they were perfect.IMG_9012

I balanced their richness with my favorite Three Bean Vegan Chili.IMG_9017Mark brought me back goodies from Idaho. And yes, that is a gold wrapped potato.

Brooks was “repelling from a cave wall to save a fire-fighter.”IMG_9030Morning snack time seriousness.

IMG_9039Brooks took a picture of his crumbs.

Morning snack time not so serious.IMG_9044

This is his motto.IMG_9045

My Dad brought sweet corn all the way from his Illinois garden. IMG_9047 A bit of reading first thing in the morning is recommended, especially with Papa.IMG_9052Brooks caught his first fish entirely by himself. Papa and Dad were shocked.
IMG_20130928_131828Papa’s first trip to the Varsity.IMG_20130929_120128

I was busy cooking and turned around to a site I will probably never see again – Silas piling up on the coleslaw (he actually ate it).IMG_9056

The mess after the chaos of dinner.

And dessert.IMG_9062Happy Birthday Papa! We feel so blessed that you choose to spend it with us.

See you next week!


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