Daily Moments – Week 37

Here’s our week . . .

There’s a new biker gang on our street.

I made Miso Soup for a sick boy. I ended up eating all of it because I was unaware that my 3 year old doesn’t eat mushrooms. IMG_8933

I finally organized my pantry. I don’t recommend doing this while children are present. IMG_8936

We have SO . . . MUCH . . . FOOD.

Much better. Ahhhh.

This was happening in the kitchen during the organizing. My stools were in need of some repair work and there was a fire emergency in one of the piles of laundry.


We had a picnic in the park.IMG_8952

Silas and Brooks really like bubbles.IMG_8958

Brooks wanted total control of the wand. IMG_8962



Silas tried to eat the bubbles. Brooks really likes this shirt. It has a picture of Lincoln on the front. I think he believes Lincoln is a superhero because he told me this week that Lincoln likes to wear lots of capes. Better than Spider-Man right?IMG_8980


I made Granola. Now that I have enough room in my pantry I can have a container specifically for the stuff.IMG_8992

Roasted broccoli and beet salad.

A Pinterest Win!IMG_8996

Easy, but took a long time. I may make another one.IMG_8998


See you next week!

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