Daily Moments – Week 36

Hello. How’s was your week? Here’s what happened in our house this week . . .

I found apples to stick on our windows for Fall. The boys love these things. I thought about saving them, but since they’re a buck and they end up all over the house and in mouths, I’ve decided to trash them when we change them out for pumpkins next month.IMG_8830


I realized that Silas loves to draw.IMG_8835

I can’t stop eating this stuff. I found it on clearance at Fresh Market. I bought one package and went back the next day for 4 more.

Brooks likes to say good-bye to Dad in the morning.IMG_8843

The boys have also done a lot of coloring.

Turns out Silas is really detailed.IMG_8851

I LOVE this picture. It took him about 15 minutes, which is a long time for a two year old.IMG_8867

I cut my hair again. Sorry for the cheesy picture, but it felt weird to smile at camera when I was taking my own picture.IMG_8870

I finally rearranged, organized, and cleaned the boys room. Its only taken me 4 months. IMG_8881


They love this! The boys were occupied for at least 20 minutes with no whining, fighting, or screaming.

Pickles! IMG_8898 Silas loves “budder.”IMG_8905

He is saying “cheese” in this picture.IMG_8912

Brooks spent all of his free-time this week practicing his paper plane skills.IMG_8913

Mark got a chance to take the boys to the river and fish a bit. Everyone (including me) loves it when this happens.
IMG_20130913_110501See you next week!


3 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 36

  1. Cute hair cut. Silas was really making a design. Did he ever say what it was. I love to see all of their crafty things. Thanks for sharing. Love your Mom.

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