Daily Moments – Week 32

What a week.  Here’s how it started . . .

I follow a blog that did a post about serving an Arabic-style breakfast. I was so inspired, I tried to do my own version. 001

From our garden.

A new recipe from Sprouted Kitchen.

I love these colors.022

Tomato and Watermelon Salad.025

An afternoon special movie, Fireman Sam.027

Making Chocolates.034

Right after a nap.039

Waiting for our plane. Mark and I flew to Chicago (with the kids) for the weekend to see a band. Both did pretty well, but we kept our expectations low. 048

Ending a day with Grammy and Curious George is the best.051

Silas and the Skyline. It was 8am. Our boys just can’t seem to understand the concept of sleeping till 7 even if you don’t fall asleep until 10:30 pm.063

Riding on Thomas.067

Silas could barely reach the steering wheel.

A big chair at the hotel.081

These chairs reminded me of hard cooked eggs.

The shadows on this building were crazy. it looked like camo.085

Can you see me? Look for the aqua watch.088

And this is what we did on Sunday night. It was worth the flight from Atlanta.114See you next week.

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