Daily Moments – Week 31 (Mama’s Version)

This is my perspective of our week.

I woke up to this on Monday morning. Brooks told me he was trying to fix our counter top.

Fresh from the garden.006

I made a Burst Cherry Tomato Galette.009

Silas likes to play with his food.011

Our friends made us a traditional Ecuadorian meal.047

Brooks is obsessed with watermelon this week.068

My attempt to explain how water gets into watermelon and then goes to Trader Joe’s where we buy it. He asked me, “But Mom where’s the plant’s mouth?” He asks a lot of questions, but what 3 year doesn’t?

I let them “ride” (they don’t understand you need money to make them move) so I could buy myself a new pair of shoes.IMG_20130809_105215

My new shoes. I finally gave into neon and Nike. I don’t know if I’ve ever owned a pair, I usually go for Asics.078

My photographer.IMG_20130807_163855

I took them to a special kid matinee. They wanted to match.IMG_20130807_100414

He looks so sweet in his little swim diaper.
IMG_20130806_180230We toured an ice cream factory yesterday and we all had to wear hair nets. I love this picture because Silas looks so, well, beautiful? A woman told us that our little girl had a cute hair cut. Thank you? Maybe it was the pink beads. He wants to wear them everywhere.

094Brooks was so over the pictures at this point (he has a hair net on, as well). He was saying, “Where’s my ice cream, Mama?”

099It was pretty delicious. If you ever see High Road Craft Ice Cream, buy it. Yes, its a bit pricey but they make it in small batches and it really is a family operation.


I think Brooks’ favorite was bitter chocolate.103

And this was my life (and Mark’s) this weekend. We both caught a stomach bug on Thursday/Friday and were out of commission for most of the weekend. IMG_20130811_072945See you next week.

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