Daily Moments – Week #29

Here’s our week . . .

I love Jon-Jons.


The boys picked out their own eye wear for our walk.IMG_20130729_093830

Making muffins.004

The beginning of fresh tomato pasta or as Mark calls it, “Pasta Perfecto!”011

The ending of fresh tomato pasta.022

The boys are mesmerized by this video.032

Basket ready for a friend.033

The boys spent an afternoon watching our friend pressure wash the driveway.037

Brooks is airlifting his fireman.042

We took the boys to a park that sits right next to an airfield. They loved it.079

Afterwards we took them to a Parisian Chocolatier that also makes great pastries. We’ve been reading “Curious George Goes to the Chocolate Factory” alot this week.084


The boys got a haircut and I painted my nails blue. They both got Jolly Ranchers for sitting still.086

Sprouted Kitchen’s Cornmeal Pancakes did not disappoint this morning. I took this picture while the 2 year old was trying to wedge himself between the table and his booster seat and the 3 year old was running laps around the kitchen and my next batch of pancakes were starting to burn. The picture is a bit blurry, but I was too hungry to take another. This is life.

This week we are having our house painted, which means nonstop entertainment for these two.091Enjoy your week!



4 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week #29

  1. Thanks for all the info…always enjoy reading and seeing the pictures !! Your something else…God Bless you !!!

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