Daily Moments – Week 28

Here’s our week . . .

I discovered Goat Cheese Dressing. 006

I couldn’t believe how much juice this onion produced.001

Onions for pickling!

They were amazing on salad with goat cheese.

Remember all those peaches? They went into a cake, a buckle (pictured below), a gallon freezer bag, and 3 batches of peach jam/syrup.

Peach and Raspberry Buckle.

We had a turtle friend show up one evening after a shower. He provided 10 solid minutes of entertainments for the kids.

Going on a bike ride to the town fountain and bubbles on the town green.

Bubbles! Brooks was a fan, but Silas was not. 

He hung close to Daddy most of the morning.

I couldn’t believe this fruit tray turned out just like the picture. Brooks told me that everyone at the shower could have one blueberry because he needed to eat the rest.

We watched Toy Story for the first time this weekend. As you can imagine, it was a hit.
022See you next week!

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