Daily Moments – Week 24

Here’s our week.

Mark caught dinner one night.Trout

He has also found a “secret” place for wild blackberries. He took the boys there on Saturday and he has made one trip by himself. So far, I’ve frozen a quart sized bag and made one blackberry cake. I’m hoping to make jam next.
Boys and blackberries2

Boys and Blackberries

The above mentioned Blackberry Summer Cake. The original recipe called for strawberries but I found blackberries work well.043

Silas got blueberry pancakes for his birthday.009

And my pinterest fail. I was so excited about this recipe. I first had it at a friend’s house for dinner a few weeks ago. She said she had trouble with the chocolate, but I was hopeful. I decided it would be the perfect thing for Silas’ party, plus I was excited myself to have these again. They are perfectly airy and light. Fortunately mine tasted good, they just looked like a bird pooped on them instead of the beautifully dipped picture online. Floedboller

Nnnnnailed it.014

Brooks helped make eggs one morning.037

040 - Copy

Presents!!!002Ice cream for his party.


The way Silas chooses to go off the diving board.032

We’ve been doing this a lot lately. And Brooks can now swim!027

More blackberries.013

I love his profile.008Scowling at brother.


Said brother with the coveted firetruck.037

Green beans! Its a group effort to put dinner on the table.034

Brooks yelled out, “Look its my name.” Close.028


Candy cane beets.004

See you next week!

One thought on “Daily Moments – Week 24

  1. I am trying to catch up on your life…love seeing all the pictures and the boy are growing like weeds…very cute weeds 🙂

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