My Dear Silas

Hey there buddy. Guess what, its your birthday.031

It wasn’t that long ago that I wondered, “How am I going to raise another one? How am I going to love another child as much as I love Brooks?” Well, it didn’t take long for you to stake out your place in our family.046

Those first few months were hard. Really hard. But God made you extra cute so I could deal with the late nights, ear infections, diaper rash, more ear infections, and then more late nights.010

You had the craziest hair. People still ask, “Where does he get the blonde hair?” And I still don’t have a good answer.012

And then like that you were one and walking and putting EVERYTHING in your mouth.019

You would do anything for a laugh (especially from Brother). And lets be honest, you are still telling the same jokes and making the same faces and are still making us laugh.

Speaking of your brother, you guys are quite a pair.020

I know he is teaching you so many things like how to make a train track, how to read a book, and the different types of fire related transportation. But you are teaching him too – how to share, how to use kind words, how to rescue you from pretend fire emergency situations, and how to wrestle!002

Sometimes I think you are strange cookie, but who’s to say what is normal? Seriously though, I did worry about the bucket on the head stage.

Laughter comes easy to you which is something that you are teaching me.

You have an infectious smile. I can’t help myself.

You are one handsome devil.010

And you are so lucky to have so many that are head-over-heels in love with you, especially your Heavenly Father.029

Life with you is so much fun.
039Happy Birthday Sweet One.

4 thoughts on “My Dear Silas

  1. Happy Birthday Silas! I can always remember yours because you share one with my dad, so the 21st is very special. Hope you love the books we sent to you as a BIG 2 year old! Love to you from everyone in Texas!

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