Daily Moments – Week 22 (San Francisco!)

This past week Mark and I were in San Francisco  . . .  by ourselves. No kids. We love ’em but sometimes Mom and Dad need a break.

First I have to show off my gladiolus. These were my Valentine’s Day gift this year. Mark hates to waste anything (especially cut flowers) so for special occasions I get a new flower or bush in my yard. The funny thing is Mark and I have “conversations” about his decision to buy me bulbs instead of cut flowers every special occasion. At first I get frustrated, but then I love the idea once they bloom.

And now San Francisco! Our first stop, after the hotel, was Zuni Cafe. This place came highly recommended by several sources (thank you Noemie). It did not disappoint. Try the chicken.006

Our view from the hotel. I’m fascinated by cityscapes.


And we hit up all the usual tourist spots. Brooks asked me after he saw the picture, “Are those sweet potatoes?” 015

One morning we discovered that Bob makes great donuts.

San Francisco is one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever visited. I think it was the hills. We easily walked 5 miles a day. No wonder we had room for second lunch.024


If you love Vietnamese food, you need to go to The Slanted Door at the Ferry Building.027

And don’t miss out on Italian food at A 16. This could have been one of my favorites.031

Blue Bottle Coffee was a bit pretentious, but their cappuccino was amazing (and their brunch).

Have I mentioned yet that I was freezing. Yes, I knew San Francisco was cooler in June than Georgia, but 59 degrees! I definitely looked like a tourist because I was the only one not wearing a coat and hat.

And Muir Woods blew me away. I’m not a big naturist, but being in the quiet of those trees was other worldly. I wondered why Lord of the Rings wasn’t filmed there.094

And it was so green.106

And a trip to San Francisco isn’t complete without oysters. We went to the source in Tomales Bay. Our lunch consisted of raw and bbq oysters, beer, the best goat cheese I’ve ever had, and crackers. It was perfect.126

A little further west we went to Point Reyes National Park, which once again amazed me. I didn’t know California could be so rocky and cold.

And then like that we were on a plane headed back East. 143All good things must come to an end.

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