Daily Moments – Week 21

This is our week . . .

I’m always trying to make vegetables fun. So I made Noodle Sundaes.


I put each ingredient (except for the noodles, sauce, and nuts) in a muffin pan and let the boys decide what they wanted on their noodles. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. They still didn’t want vegetables, but they loved the shrimp and pistachios.006

We removed our tape city from our floor. Who knew this could be so much fun?031



Such a silly boy. (This is the inside of a hard hat.)

The next several pictures are my attempt to capture action shots of me and my boys. I told Mark to keep clicking. I was hoping for something sweet and precious and instead we got a more realistic view of play time. 047




Finally, an acceptable picture.055

Little piggies.056

Fresh from a nap with a new haircut.059

Chasing a frog.060

Toppings ready for grilled pizza.062


Mint. I have mint, oregano, dill, rosemary, and parsley overflowing in my garden. 065

A new favorite. Granny Smith Apples and Mango with Lime Salt.072

We are now living with Superman.074

Did you catch him? He is so fast.076

Lala was here for the weekend. The boys adore her.085


My first attempt at one pot pasta. He needs tweaking, but I think I’m on to something.089Have a wonderful week!


7 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 21

  1. Love that pic too of the kids at the piano where you can see their hands…would be cute to crop closer and just have those 6 precious pudgy hands on the keys!

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