Daily Moments – Week 20

It was Beach Week for us. After getting back, I was asked, “How was your trip?”  Honestly, it was the first real beach trip I’ve had in awhile. No breastfeeding, no nap schedule, no specific bedtime, and the adult to kid ratio was high (5 grandparents!) – it was awesome. I actually got to sit on the beach.  We had a great week and we are currently enjoying a day off.

Here’s our week  . . .

Getting ready to go. Both boys insisted on wearing hats.


So excited!

We were packed to gills. My husband doesn’t lay on the beach or read books on vacation, he rides bikes, goes fishing and snorkeling. So we had lots of recreational gear (including a bike trailer for both kids to ride in), luggage, a double stroller, and a pack-n-play all stuffed into our car.011

We had a pool next to our condo and because our kids wake up at 5:30 when they go to the beach, we were the only ones at the pool by 8:30.013


Like I mentioned above, we had 5 grandparents which helped tremendously with those early mornings.022Every morning the boys took their breakfast outside and watched the waves.

029And they learned new tricks.



We watched  beautiful sunsets.056

And ate fabulous food.064

While we were there, Lala celebrated her 2nd birthday.066She loved all the attention.

069Happy Birthday Little Lady!


Silas won the prize for messiest.077

Hello Mr. Hollywood.085


The boys were old enough this year to fully enjoy the beach. They spent long periods building tunnels, roads, fire stations, and ponds.096


I made Monkey Bread for the first time.112

The whole family.126

When we got back, we saw our yard needed much attention. We pulled up our giant swiss chard. 131

And for Memorial Day I made Cinnamon Honey Pancakes.134See you next week!

3 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 20

  1. You guys had a fantastic week at the beach I hear…..glad you all could spend time together and to have 3 great-grandparents there made it uber-special!

  2. The grandparents enjoyed their time with the kiddo’s – what a true blessing for Randy and I. We are blessed.

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