Daily Moments – Week 18

Here’s a glance at our week  . . .

Silas and Brooks have been in swim lessons for a couple of weeks. Since its been relatively cold (70 degrees) we’ve been going to lessons in jackets and Silas can’t leave the house without his boots. So this is what we look like going to lessons.


Brooks loves posing for the camera.006

Brooks realized that he had the same shirt Silas was wearing in his drawer. So he ran into his room and pulled out these shorts and his shirt so he could match his brother. As usual, Silas was not happy about the picture. I get the impression that he feels I’m invading his privacy.008

Teacher gifts that turned out much better than expected. I used apples!013

And on Friday, I got a call that my sister was in labor. So I jumped in the car, picked up my other sister and we road-tripped it south 7 hours to see this little beauty greet the world.065

Scarlette Jaymes only seconds old. 151

What an amazing experience.156


While I was there, I got to spend some quality time with Big Sister Lala. 169

She’s a ham. Since I call her Lala, she calls me Puff-Puff. 188

It was a wonderful Mother’s Day for my sister. She celebrated Lala’s birthday on the 8th, had a baby on the 10th and celebrated her own birthday on the 12th. 190

The way back is a bit complicated. My phone had no reception for a good part of the drive so we did it old school with written directions. They were 5 pages long.192

And since I drove the Buick, we shared my ipod and listened to podcasts most of the way. Breana had one side . . .193

And I used the other.195

We saw some quaint and charming towns on the way back. This mural was amazing. It was 4 silos painted on all sides. The picture was of a peanut farmer with cotton and corn growing in the background.197This was another mural painted on an old building across the street from the silos.

I had an amazing week. Happy Mother’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 18

  1. I love my girls. They are so special. Always taking care of each other. Love you so much. Mom- Even though I couldn’t be there, you made my mother’s day

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