Daily Moments – Week 17

Here’s a look at our week . . .

Spaghetti Night! This is the main reason why we usually eat it once a month.


Brooks has started to pretend he needs binoculars to see.008

Brooks’ dino tattoo. He is crazy about this thing. He stares at himself in the mirror often to check if its still there.009

After messy Spaghetti Night, Brooks and Silas (along with special guest Patrick) rinsed off in the tub.025

The beginning of Celery Salad. It doesn’t sound that appealing – a salad with just celery and some dressing – but its fantastic!034

It called for 5 cups of celery!038

I used the leftovers to make an open face Avocado, Celery Salad, Smoked Salmon Sandwich. This could be my favorite sandwich to date.048

An evening bike ride with Dad. One of their favorite activities.056

Friday night pizza! This week we had Thai Chicken Pizza. Brooks was anxious for a bite.071

I recommend eating it with pickled jalapenos.


Look at for this guy. He’s got arms of steel.081


He has started to play “Mustard!” which is the way he pronounces ‘monster’.083

He likes to hear that he looks scary.088These are the moments that I love this blog. Its my way of journaling about my silly boys.

See you next week!


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