Daily Moments – Week 15

Here’s our week . . . 001

First time making jello.004

They turned out a bit watery. I think its because I used the organic, all-natural box. Next time, we are going for the real thing.009

The beginning of roasted veggies for Roasted Veggie Pasta Salad.016

We are back into the trains, again.020

This is our morning routine: eat breakfast, watch Curious George, get dressed, brush teeth, and watch Kishi Bashi. Brooks will ask to watch the same performance every day. He loves watching him play the violin and will sometimes try to imitate him with his play guitar and a chopstick. Here’s the video. And to be honest, I’m relieved that he’s not insisting on something annoying to watch. They stayed occupied for most of the video which gives me a chance to get dressed.023

Sometimes he gets really close to the screen and just sways.

An activity for a raining day.032

The above mentioned raining day.036

We had a tough week, so Saturday morning we drove 25 minutes to get fancy doughnuts at Dutch Monkey Doughnuts.037

The were really fancy doughnuts with fancy fillings – like blackberry jelly, Nutella, salted carmel, and passionfruit custard.041

We were so hungry we got a dozen (and I’m paying for it today).043Brooks was so happy and so was Silas until someone moved his doughnut to another plate. He is territorial about his food.

See you next week!

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