Daily Moments – Week 14

It was Spring Break this past week, so I tried to make the week extra special with lots of things to do (to keep me from going crazy).003

The start of Chili.




We played outside a lot, despite the nasty pollen.018

Chocolate Chip Pancakes!

As you can imagine, the boys were over the moon.025


Annual yellow dust – pollen. I’ve stopped trying to clean off our outdoor furniture. After living here for three years, I’ve learned its best to wait until its over.

Can’t get enough of this combination, plus grapefruits were on sale and I had a lot of avocados in my fruit bowl.035

This is near the entrance to our neighborhood. I love the color of these petals.

It happens only once a year and I finally remembered to take a picture.041

Almond Bread with Cherry Glaze. (That’s Silas’ finger.)043

Morning reading.045

Lots of giggles.047




Mark took the day off on Wednesday to hang out with the kids. They went to the park in the morning, had lunch at the airport (and got to sit in the pilot’s seat of a stranger’s plane), and then we went canoeing after nap. It was a fun, but exhausting day.IMG_20130410_170013 (2)This picture doesn’t show it but I was so nervous a snake or goose was going to catch a ride with us.

See you next week!

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