Daily Moments – Week 12

I’m a bit late. I usually like to get my post ready on Sunday and then I publish on Monday, but I decided to go on break. As you know, Sunday was Easter and we had family for the whole weekend and the weekend before we had friends. So we’ve been busy and I’m tired. I thought I deserved a day off.

Here’s what we’ve been up to . . .


A new puzzle . . . this time we are into dinosaurs.018

Trying to get Silas to smile on cue.

Chopping crystallized ginger for . . .

a carrot cake.

I had an observer. He asked, “What’s that for Mama?” I told him, “This cake is for my friends.” He then said, “But I like Carrot Cake Mama.” 029

A new look for my culinary library. I now have more space in my kitchen.030

Parking lot for his tractors.

Waiting for doughnuts.037

He helped me ice them.

Sugar and cinnamon.040

A new toy.

First time for ice cream – he loved it.051


Grammy shared.


Easter. It was more of a gather situation than a hunt.073

Lala was really good at putting eggs in her basket.


Silas had a great time. Unfortunately, later that night we were cleaning up the contents of his stomach, so we didn’t make it to an Easter service the next morning.085


He got a toy bug in one of his eggs. He told me it was his first bug ever.

Looking at the goods.117


Easter meal on Saturday – we had fish instead of ham. It was pretty good.160

A new lunch favorite – bread + grapefruit + oranges + avocado + olive oil + salt & pepper. Just try it.162

We had this situation going on in our house tonight.164

There were two plates being waved around which means, “MORE, MORE.”168

We had BBQ chicken pizza with spinach and chard pesto. Wow! 171

It ended this one’s hunger strike.175And it resulted in one happy and super silly boy.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday. See you next week!

4 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 12

  1. I have sooooo many comments for this post…..first of all, I LOVE Bre’s legs in the background of the pic of Brooks on the digger. Secondly, he looks so much like you in the pic of his “first bug”…..and I of course immediately noticed that the cookbook library was arranged in the Roy G. Biv color order. Looks like you all had a wonderful time…..the pic of the boys peeking into the oven is a sweet one too. Love you all!

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