Daily Moments – Week 11

Mark was gone last week + we hosted many friends over a long weekend + MARCH MADNESS! =Not many pictures. Here’s what I have for our week . . .IMG_20130324_130123 (3)

Our friends couldn’t leave Atlanta without a trip to the Varsity.007

Brooks has been working on his handwriting . . . 008

He does a lot of giggling.010

And draws a lot of snakes.

Its almost Easter! Despite the cold and wet weather.036

Its ranunculus season.050

Silas is always busy.054

We watched a lot of basketball this weekend.
055 057Silas being Silas.

4 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 11

  1. I’m almost beginning to feel like I know your family for real! lol I’m seriously getting proud to see Brooks laugh and smile given that he doesn’t seem as natural a smiler as Silas. See… I told you 😉

    Great pictures, as always. GOOD stories. You’re just a natural!

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