Daily Moments – Week 9

Here we are again. . . and this is our week.


I YOLOed on these pancakes. If you are planning on visiting us in the future, these are guaranteed to be on the menu.067

My creative child loves making fire stations. I couldn’t capture all the layers – puzzle blocks, Lincoln Logs, puzzle box.069

How does he get that much volume? Maybe I should start smearing sweet potatoes in my hair.099

I love that Brooks can mix construction play with cooking.

The start to a new week of CHORES! I wonder how long he will be excited about sweeping the floors?097

Veggies en route to the oven. Brooks’ loves ‘trees’ in his peanut noodles.115

He loves these noodles so much he wanted me to take a picture of him eating them. (I’m still working on perfecting the recipe.)123

And this boy loves to make his brother laugh.134

I’m glad we have a plumber living with us.

The start of a new morning. 139

Doing some light reading.


Brooks like to ‘read’ to me. I love his versions of Bible stories.152

Brooks’ first attempt at photography. Not bad.

His second attempt. 158






Who’s in my closet? Silas will stay in there for several minutes quietly waiting for someone to discover him.176

First trip to Legoland with cousin Katie. Its was a win-win-win for everyone.187

A little kitchen chemistry – honey >lime juice>cider vinegar>lime zest>oil = the start of a lime vinaigrette.191Spicy pork tacos (my favorite meal of the week).

See you next week!


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