Daily Moments – Week 8

Here’s what we’ve been up  to . . .


Brooks’ partner in crime. They were “making a tower.” (They did clean it up when they were done “building” – or maybe I should say the Moms did a lot of helping).007

A new obsession.008

Brooks was so excited – I spent 30 minutes building this. It was a lot harder than it looks.011

This is the aftermath of what Brooks’ refers to as “being a silly guy.”012

He drew all of his face with a permanent marker – this was after I scrubbed. 013


It was all over his walls . . .020

and bed.023

Oh my . . .029

Getting ready for St. Pat’s Day!

Superman! This was Mark’s at one time. Apparently, its gone through some cousins, too.036

We decorated our front door with gel shamrocks. The boys were pumped!039

And it brought some green to the brown that currently surrounds us.044



This weekend we got a special visit by two sweet boys. This is Grant.

099And this is Reid.

Such a poser.


Hope you had a restful weekend.

One thought on “Daily Moments – Week 8

  1. Brooks was really working on his talents on the walls. He really looked like he was trying to make a picture. Oh my!!!

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