Daily Moments – Week 7

Here’s what we’ve been up to this week . . .


Breakfast – eggs, blueberry bread, sweet potato hash browns.002

A little George before preschool.006

This is how Silas plays with his fire truck.009

The beginning of Greek-style yogurt.011

Go Dog Go makes another appearance on our blog. It is truly one of our favorites.024

I love an organized fridge – if only the inside looked half as good as the outside.028


Brooks’ tower. 033

He was really serious about this building project.036

He wanted to use every block he could find.039

Only to knock it down.040

I said, “Brooks, smile.”041

Here I said, “Brooks, make a silly face.” Don’t the two look similar?

Chicken broth.106

Lemon Shaker Thyme Pie.112

We can’t get enough of this stuff.

After I told Silas, three spoonfuls is enough.118

Pretending to sleep.

Brother pillow talk.128

They really are like two cub bears.005

A nice day.006Time for spring planting and rain boots.



8 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 7

  1. Loved seeing your week in pictures…I always tell Mom and Dad how gifted you are with words and pictures…they are very blessed to have you post all this so they can see their grandsons grow 🙂 Love ya, JoAnn

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