Daily Moments – Week 6

The pictures I took from this week cover two days: Valentine’s Day and a day spent with my niece and nephew. We had a long, restful weekend a little further north visiting with family, so I didn’t capture as many pictures I hoped.

Valentine’s mailboxes. Big hit! I’m doing it again next year.

Heart banner. The boy’s helped me decorate the house this year.035


Brooks looks so old and a bit awkward – we are still working on his smile.025

Enjoying pancakes.021This year I went all out and made heart-shaped pink pancakes. I even cut out the strawberries to look like hearts.


Heart shaped pretzels with pink sea salt. A special movie night treat.062


This is my new niece Katie Mac  . . .

and her big brother Rowe. We got to spend much needed time with them.

Brooks got a surprise from Mimi – Candyland!

While we were playing, Silas had his own fun. 033


IMG_20130218_115000 (1)And Brooks got to see his first snow! We were driving home and stopped for lunch. It had snowed enough that Mark made him a snowman. He was so excited.

4 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 6

  1. Awwww! Cute overload AGAIN! I’m cracking up about Brooke’s awkward smile! And the one of him at the end where he’s REALLY turned on the smile! My niece is the same way. When I have the camera out, her smiles get awkward. Glad you got to spend time with your niece (adorable btw…) and nephew. I love my nieces like my own children 🙂

    Oh, almost forgot to tell you how lucky your boys are. You seem like such a fantastic mother.

  2. I hope Brooks never loses his awkward smile. Also, did you get those mailboxes from Target? Because I bought one the other day just because I thought they were so darn cute.

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