Daily Moments – Week 5


This week I don’t have quite as many pics to show. We’ve been busy, or maybe I should say I’ve been busy. I was gone on Friday and Saturday which is usually a productive picture taking day, so I think there are only 8 pictures. This may be an all time low. Wow that sounds depressing, but I promise these pictures are not depressing. Okay, I think I’ve talked enough.


Teacher Appreciation Week.


It turned out pretty well. This may be another project for the future.


Silas LOVES to walk around the house with baskets and bins on his head. Fortunately, this acts as a helmet as he runs into walls and furniture.012

New road (and parking lot).014

The beginning of a recipe – peanut noodles. A new Carter boy favorite.042

Making cards. 043I decided this week Brooks can handle chores, so far its going really well. I wish I could add clean toliets, wash dishes, fold all laundry . . . .


2 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 5

  1. Looks like a busy week! Great idea for the Thank you cards, too cute! And, I’m going to have to give the masking tape road a try too! I always enjoy reading your blog. You are quite the photographer! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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