Daily Moments – Week 4

Here are a few moments from our week.


Special treat for waking up with a dry pull-up! We are so close.


Our newest piece. Brooks really likes snowflakes.


Arrgh. Wednesdays.


Its beginning to look like February (I misspell it every time.)011

Kinda cheesy, but still cute.012

Sometimes its so good you have to close your eyes.013

Chocolate Mocha Doughnuts. Mmmm so good. 016

Family movie night. They both leave their mouths ajar as they watch t.v. (just like their Mama).021

Who let this kid have a hammer? 


He was so proud of himself. He made a mailbox for his Valentines.041

Working it out.044

054Book Club Monday. The theme was Chinese.039


Preserved lemons. I only have to wait one month until they are ready.

Brooks on Dinosaurs . . .

Enjoy your week!


10 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 4

  1. Well aren’t they just about the cutest lil boys in the world! lol LOVED the video about dinosaurs! I learned quite a lot about them, actually (dinosaurs I mean).

    Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your blog. Love the way you set it up with pictures and just life 🙂

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