Daily Moments – Week 2

Hello Friends –

I’m back with a series of photos that captures our week. After writing this post, I realized most of the photos are of Silas. So to balance it out, I’m attaching a video of Brooks at the end. He is singing a song he recently learned at preschool about snowflakes.


Almond crossiants. If  you have a Trader Joe’s nearby you must get these. They are in the frozen section.

He loves his new seat.




So much better.033 038

A little art with Curious George.


Go Dog Go! Its one of the Carter boys’ favorites.


Dinner! Chicken, kale, mushroom pizza with garlic sauce. One of the best pizza creations to date.


No bake, vegan, raw cookies. They are delicious! The boys had no clue they were good for them. Here’s the recipe.


18 mths.


Hello sun, its been awhile.


Chocolate bread!!!! Recipe coming soon.


Crying for the chocolate bread.
115 116

The boys loved their breakfast.

And now a little song –

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