Daily Moments – Week 1

A few blogs that I follow have recently started to record moments in their days. Its kinda like a photo journal. I love this idea. And yes, I basically do this already, but I want to make it official. I guess we could say a goal, not a resolution. I want picture taking to be a part of my everyday routine so I can make those little everyday moments special and so I can improve at my camera skills.


Dinner! Butternut Squash and Kale Enchiladas – half dairy and half faux cheese.


First taste of hot cocoa. Both boys had half a cup and couldn’t finish.


Family movie night.


Fresh bread. If you still have not tried this recipe. Try it already!

012After church.


Hello cutie.


Cars, Cars, Cars.

038A brief moment of down time so I can brush my teeth.

043Brooks has an obsession with snowmen. I really hope it snows at least once this year.

Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Daily Moments – Week 1

  1. I love a little SHORT-sleeved, no-legs jon-jon with snowmen…..kind of an oxy-moron! and PS: I love the fish quilt too! : ) Keep the everyday pics coming…..we love them!

  2. I am sure Mark is thrilled with the Jon Jon. He use to make fun of the outfits I made Brooks, but oh so cute and southern. Wish I could be there for popcorn night. Love You Guys, Miss you sooooooo much.

  3. That is so funny that you made butternut squash and kale enchiladas! I just printed pw’s recipe for the same kind of quesadillas. Great minds do think alike. 😉 I love your blog! 😀

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