Starting a New Year

I looked at my goals for last year and laughed because I didn’t achieve a single one – I still care very much what my house looks like, I didn’t finish my piano piece, and I’m doing okay praying more for my kids, so I guess I’m 1 for 3.

040This year I’m making it simple – go to bed before 11pm and pray for my kids more. That’s it. 

I wish I could say I took pictures of the kiddos over NYE, but I didn’t. So to make up for my laziness I took pictures of them tonight making dinner.

042Brooks got an apron and cooking utensils for Christmas. So we pulled them out and started making pizzas.

043While we chopped, Silas ate his snack. I wish I could add ‘contently’ to that sentence but he was furious I gave him an apple and not the pizza dough.


046When Silas was ready to cook, he refused to surrender his crust. Until . . . 049

I got out the oil and brushes.

051And then we added the sauce  . . . 055


and the cheese and pepperoni. Silas was eating all the ingredients so we had to act quickly.056

Done.057Time for a quick read while the pizza was in the oven.060

My proud chef.

Here’s hoping your New Year is happy and healthy!







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