Christmas at the Beach

This past weekend we made our last trip of the year – the beach. My sister lives there and we won’t be seeing them this year at Christmas so we made the trip to celebrate early.


I love Daddy/Kid shots.


These outfits are a riot. They were a present from an Aunt. I think they make them look like characters from “Snatch” or straight out of the Russian mafia. All they need now are gold chains.020

Look at Silas’ pose.026

Across the street was a beach shop blaring The Black Eye Peas. They also were selling bathing suits for 75% off – I should have stocked up. Anyway, Brooks and Silas really got into the music or maybe they were sick of being in the car.

Silas is quite the dancer. Look at that side step

He also learned to yell and throw up his arms when Dad yelled, “What Up!”043

Like I said, he’s got moves.

Remember Lala? Here she is hanging out with cousins in her pjs in moto booties – she is really hip and I think she knows it.


At the playground.073

Silas leads the charge towards the beach.

Golden halo. Love.094 135

The boys LOVED the beach. Even if the sand was frigid.144 147 169Here’s to hoping your last week before the holiday is productive and maybe a bit peaceful.

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