At A Glance

Here’s the past week . . .


Brooks had just returned from seeing his first movie at the theater. He was so pumped he couldn’t remember anything about the movie.

012 023 027 036 180

First family movie night! Went really well until Silas ate all his popcorn and then tried to eat Brooks’. It was bedtime shortly after.181 184 186 194 198 202 215



Its Santa!071

Not a great picture quality wise, but a priceless expression on Silas’ face.098 105 123 134

It was so much fun this year to see how excited the boys got. 151Presents!

What a fun week! And its only just begun.

Brooks asked yesterday if we could “just go to Christmas Mama.” He asked if we could get in the car and go. (He really wanted one of the marshmallows I just finished making that I promised he could eat on Christmas.) Soon little buddy.


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