Its That Time Again

We got our Christmas tree last night and I’m truly excited for Christmas to be just around the corner. Last year, I was in a funk. I now know it was a bit of postpartum depression. This year is different. I was just as excited as Brooks when we picked out our tree. And as the boys, picked out one ornament to put on the tree (Silas could only handle one before he had a melt down) I got a tinge of excitement. I started to remember putting up the tree with my sisters and mom. I usually wore the tree skirt and danced around the room to Amy Grant’s latest Christmas album. Christmas was my thing (I would like to think it still is).

This year though it will be a little different. Because of the amount of traveling we’ve done this year we decided to stay at home and with each of our families busy elsewhere we will be celebrating with just the four of us. I think this year will be a year I will always remember because it was the year that I made Christmas special for our family. Brooks is already pointing out every Christmas tree, Santa Claus, and Baby Jesus he sees and asking When it will be Jesus’ birthday because he wants to go to His party. He gets it – kinda. He is excited about all of it and so am I because I get to be here with him and see it through his eyes. Okay, I’m getting a bit too sappy so I’ll just sum it up by saying – WE ARE So EXCITED!

Bring it! We are ready.

2 thoughts on “Its That Time Again

  1. Precious picture of the boys and their Dad. So excited for their new excitement about Christmas. We will miss you this year. Love Grammy

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