Oyster Roast + Pumpkin Turnovers

We experienced another deliciously fun Oyster Roast on Saturday and I discovered a new use for pumpkin.

There were popsicles, too. Can’t wait for next October!

And now for the turnovers . . .

As usual I was scrambling to find an easy dinner on a busy night. Luckily, I always have pizza dough in the fridge. And so I made calzones. As I was looking through the fridge trying to find veggies to fill up my pizza pockets I saw a small container of pumpkin left over from the doughnuts I made earlier that day. And it hit me – pumpkin turnovers!

I combined pumpkin, egg, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger and made a cute little pumpkin pocket. Well, that’s at least what I had in mind.

The pumpkin filling was more runny than I expected.

Vanilla sugar to sprinkle on top.

Despite the runny filling they firmed up nicely in the oven.

Pumpkin Turnovers:

1/2 cup of pumpkin puree

2 tbsp brown sugar

1 egg

3 tsp of cinnamon (I really like cinnamon. You can add less if you want. Actually, that goes for the ginger and nutmeg, as well.)

1/2 tsp of ginger

1/2 tsp of nutmeg

Sugar (for sprinkling)

I round of pizza dough

– Preheat oven to 425. Mix the first 6 ingredients to sugar. Divide dough into desired amount of turnovers. (I divided into 6 pieces). Roll out each piece. Place about 2 tbsp (less if you divided the dough into more than 6 pieces) of pumpkin filling into middle and fold into a pocket. (If some filling leaks out, its okay.) Brush egg wash on each and sprinkle with sugar. Bake on cookie sheet or pizza stone until golden, about 20 minutes. Let cool for a few minutes.


Variation: add chocolate or nuts to the pumpkin filling

And for a sneak peak of what tomorrow will look like . . .

The boys with our adopted “Grandma” Ms. Jane. Silas is a park ranger and Brooks is Bob the Builder in case you were curious.

One thought on “Oyster Roast + Pumpkin Turnovers

  1. I can’t wait to make the pumpkin turnovers. They look delicious! I am amazed at how you can just “come up” with such yummy stuff! 🙂

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