Parties, Parties, Parties (this is a long one)

Are you ready for a post full of pictures? If so, proceed.

So I mentioned in the last post I was in the process of planning some parties for Brooks. He had two on his birthday and one in Illinois two days later. By the end of his birthday extravaganza, my stomach was a wreck and so was Silas’ (he vomited from eating too much chocolate icing). At least it was fun eating all those celebration treats – on the way in.

These are the donuts I made for Brooks’ preschool class. I let Brooks and Silas lick the parchment paper after the glaze was dry. Brooks’ response was, “Mama, these are just so good.” I know little guy. There is lots and lots of butter in the glaze. You can find the recipe here for the pumpkin donuts. While you’re there, check out the rest of her site. Its inspiring.

These turned out fabulous! They are pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, orange sanding sugar, and a green licorice stem. I made them for his party with neighbors and family.

And this is what Brooks woke up to on Wednesday (along with about 20 really cheap balloons that kept popping during the night). Also, I know ‘birthday’ does not have an ‘8’ in it. I just couldn’t find the ‘d’.

This cake was delicious. It was from Publix. They really do make good cakes, if you have no time for homemade. This is also the chocolate frosting Silas threw up that night.

This party was fun. We took cheap dirt and filled up the water table. We added some trucks, cars, and trains and voila! instant fun.

Silas spent a good 20 minutes working on his slice. This was 3 hours before the incident.

The next morning we drove north to visit family, attend a wedding shower and then a wedding. This was Brooks’ third party.

His party was once again outside. That’s the beauty of having a baby in October. You can usually count on the weather to be nice for a fall themed party. This time we had chili, hot dogs, pumpkin whoopie pies, pumpkin rice crispy treats, and cake in a barn with a bonfire.

Yep, that’s right. Brooks ate his candle thinking it was part of the cake.

Lots of presents!

And a new use for money. When he wasn’t looking, I grabbed the twenty and stuck in my pocket.

Can I introduce someone very special real quick? This is my new little cousin. We’ll call him Baby B. The boys were fascinated by him. When asked if he wanted a baby in his house Brooks responded with, “No, I have Silas.”

He is the sweetest and happiest baby on the planet. He can already coo, laugh, and smile and he is only 5 weeks.


And he has one perfect curl on the top of his sweet head.


And one more party . . .

This could be one of the most inventive and creative wedding showers I’ve attended.

But first, lets talk about the food. In case you didn’t catch it, those were pumpkin custards. And the ones above are banana split.

One of my favorites. Sugar cookies!

Here’s the bride (in blue) with her sister.

And here’s the happy couple together. If you can’t tell by this picture, Alex is a pilot for the Air Force so the shower theme was aviation/vintage/shabby chic.

This is an airplane propeller. It was on the gift table. What a neat idea! Where on earth did they get an antique airplane propeller? I can’t wait to see the wedding. It will be decorated by the same amazingly gifted lady who did this shower.

And the favors were little suitcases filled with toothpicks, gum, candy, and nail files. They literally thought of everything. It was a fun shower trying all the delicious desserts but also because the kiddos were getting some much needed Daddy and Papa time.

So glad we are finally home.

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