Hello October

Hello, its October! So we have a new blog. I thought this process of switching would take a couple of hours, but it took me weeks because I’m so indecisive. As usual, its been a whirlwind around here so I’ll do catch up with a few photos.

Its the County Fair! The kids were bonkers that night.

Yeah for corn dogs. Silas and I were done half way through. We got our fix until next year.

Our best picture. Brooks didn’t even make it in the shot because he was running laps.

First ride. He loved it and still talks about it.

Silas is looking for his bed.

Hello Handsome.

Mr. Cool.

Birmingham Zoo.

Being silly with Griffin. Our Birmingham friend.

Zoo Train.

Emerson, Griffin’s sister, proves she is a toddler, too.

Silas’ first real art project.

There was some paint ingested, but mostly it landed on the paper.

Ready for nap. This picture was so blurry because I just can’t seem to keep up with these two.

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