And So the Year Begins

Yeah! First Day of School!
I love seeing a progression of pictures. It lets you see what life is really like instead of just one perfect pic of both kids looking at the camera and me looking okay (not that we have really accomplished that yet).
Silas was so sad when we dropped off Brooks. He really wanted to stay. (This picture is just Silas being Silas. We had not dropped off Brooks yet.)
 So, since Silas and I have had mornings to ourselves, I have finally taught my second child that communicating with us, other than screaming, is useful and effective.
Here he is signing and kinda saying, “hat.”
Do you see the little red dot underneath his nose? Its a puncture wound from a plastic pinwheel. He fell this weekend while walking. Poor guy.
He is also signing, “milk”, “more”, and “all done.” He has yet to say his first real word.

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