Every Child’s Dream

My Grandparents live in the country. They’ve been there a long time. In fact, my Grandmother has lived on the same piece of property for most of her life. They proudly refer to themselves as ‘country people.’ Growing up I was at their house frequently. I have fond memories of this place. There’s fishing, swimming (pool or lake), animals, plenty of room to run, toys, four wheelers, tractors, and a guarantee that Grandma is cooking up something delicious. The boys had loads of fun and were exhausted and needed a bath at the close of every evening.
Watching Grandpa build a walkway. Brooks sat the entire time. We are still going through our ‘Bob’ phase (as in “Bob the Builder”).
This is Brooks in October of 2011. Same outfit and same swing in the pictures above.
 Not too far down the road from my Grandparents was a man who sales honey out of his backyard. He was selling it by the comb so I bought all that he had. I hadn’t experienced this treat since I was a kid.
Yes, I dressed us alike. This was not done on purpose. It was the only clothes we had left and it was about 6:30am. I didn’t realize that I had color coordinated us until I looked through the pictures after my trip.

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