I’m So Thankful

Life is occasionally hectic. My life is overflowing with figurines, trains, puzzles, and cars. I step on them, I clean them up numerous times a day, and I go on search parties looking for the always-missing fireman.

But sometimes, they show up in odd places and they make me laugh and then I’m grateful. I wish I could hold on to that feeling for more than a few moments, but its fleeting.

I am surrounded by a miniature world. I didn’t want to be the parent with plastic toys and the living room stuffed with them, but now I’ve become that parent and it’s not as bad as I thought. I guess I’ve arrived. Yes, there are major flaws to the flow and design aspect of my living room (and kitchen and dining room and bedroom and even my own bathroom). But these tiny toys are a reminder of why I’m thankful.

When I found out I was pregnant with a boy (this cutey above), there were a few private tears shed because I was having a boy. I wanted a girl so badly. That’s all I knew. I have no brothers. But then they put him in my arms and I thought, I got this. And then there was Silas. So grateful for another boy! I couldn’t imagine myself with girls. What would I do? I owe a lot to Thomas and Bob for teaching me about construction, trucks, loaders, and engines. I love having boys. You may be wondering where I’m going with this (and no Mom I’m not pregnant). This weekend I was lucky enough to have a weekend with a friend, sans kids and husband in Dallas. Both of us, left our families and literally talked for three days. What about? Kids and husbands. After my weekend of luxury and relaxation, I realized I am so thankful for my boys (Mark included). She asked me at one point if I wanted a girl, if we were to have more kids, and my quick response surprised me – no. I want more boys. I’m so thankful for my two boys and their silliness, playfulness, and sometimes their energy.

I had to pretend to almost step on Brooks “snake” and act surprised. I’m sure one day I won’t have to pretend.
Today we listened to a band online and the lead guy was playing a violin. I had no clue the impression it made on Brooks. As I was playing the piano later in the day during Silas’ nap, I turned around to find Brooks playing his own “violin.”

He is so imaginative.
Here are some pictures I took at a really awesome children’s museum not too far from our house. As you can see below, there were a lot of fun things for the kids to do. It’s basically a little neighborhood with a grocery store, dentist, post office, Dr.’s office, police cars, firetrucks, garden, and farm. There’s even a beauty parlor and a playground. And the little ones can touch everything.
Guess what my boys wanted to do, play with trucks and crawl in cubbie holes. They had the whole place and that’s what they went to first.
Here’s the dentist office and

an x-ray machine
But my little ones wanted to play with the trains.
Brooks spent half of his time looking at the model train.
Brooks was a pilot while Silas did an excellent job as his co-pilot.
And they used their skills, from dad, to plant some tomatoes and carrots.
Then we made our way to the grocery store. I thought this would be Silas’ dream – pushing around a cart and taking things off shelves. He liked the cart, but wasn’t interested in the rest. He kept on escaping with his  new walker.
Brooks and Gabriel checked us out after we filled our cart.
We will definitely be back. It kept them entertained for a solid 2 1/2 hours and if they didn’t have nap time I’m sure we would have stayed all day.

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