This lucky guy got to have two parties – one on his birthday and the other was a joint party with three friends from church.
After he demolished his red velvet cupcake.
Since we have a pool and it’s June, I volunteered to have the joint party at our house. Brooks was so excited to party. He sang “Happy Birthday” to Silas about 10 times last week.
We had around 50 people at the party and half of that number were kids.
Last summer, our little church had a baby boom. Four babies were born in six weeks. The first Jane was born in early May (pictured below). Then Silas came on June 21st, Jane (pictured above) arrived on June 22nd, and the third Jane came shorty after on the 23rd. Yep, that’s not a typo – there are three Janes.
The invites said, “The Janes and Silas are turning one.”
Along with the big pool, we also set up a blow-up pool. I think everyone had a great time.
Silas got a ‘boat’ as Brooks likes to call it.
It was fun, but I’m glad its over.
Happy Birthday Silas!

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