He’s One!

There are so many things I could say about this sweet child and the first year of his life. What an adventure it has been! But then again, isn’t every child an adventure? And a sacrifice? And a joy? During Silas’ first 6 months, it was rough sailing in our home. Not that Silas was a difficult baby, but Brooks was at a trying age so both of them together brought me to tears daily. I think my dependence on God grew leaps during those first few challenging months. I prayed daily, no hourly, that God would give me the grace to love my children and be a good mother. Then as the days slowly passed and the months few by, Silas, Brooks, and myself grew. We got used to each other and the trio of tears happened less and giggles were heard more. We had fun together. I can now say I got through one of the most difficult, but rewarding year of my life.
This picture was taken just a few days before Silas chose to make his debut. It was definitely at his timing. A week before my due date, I saw a doctor in my practice (my midwife was on vacation) that told me I would be at the hospital that night because I was fully effaced and ready to go. I said, we’ll see. Four days later, after my midwife was back, Silas decided it was time. I was checked into the hospital and the nurses told me it would happen quickly. Eleven hours later, Silas was here. Luckily, my water didn’t break until the end so my labor was manageable but frustrating. I thought, wow, this kid is going to be stubborn. That has proven very true. Silas may be more on the quiet side, but he is very strong-headed and knows what he wants when he is ready.
He was truly a beautiful baby. His head was perfect and had very little marks on his face. His skin was even perfect. I know it sounds crazy, but it hit me when I saw him for the first time that this child wasn’t Brooks. This child would be very different from his brother.
He was a very quiet and observant baby. He watched Brooks with great focus even as a little guy.
Silas was a very easy and laid back and I would sometimes forget that I had baby. I know sounds crazy, but one night I went to a friend’s house and sat Silas down in a corner, still in his infant seat, to let him rest while I visited. About an hour, he woke up and starting crying and it surprised me because I totally forgot he was there. Despite his quiet demeanor, Silas could scream several octaves above what is normal.
Like every mother, I melted the first time he smiled. And the first time he laughed, it gave me even more joy I wanted to burst. (I might have cried just a little.) He was looking at Brooks and suddenly thought Brooks was the funniest thing and started to giggle. Then it turned into a hearty belly laugh and we all were laughing together. In that moment, I thought, its going to be okay. We are going to survive.
And then we went to Illinois for 3 weeks. It was great to let the boys see their grandparents and great-grandparents and uncles and aunts and cousins, but after about week 1 I think I can speak for everyone that we missed our routine. Silas started to wake up every hour at one point.
This picture was taken around the time that he started to roll everywhere. It was right before Thanksgiving and he was really excited to be able to move just by throwing his arms and legs around.
I love this picture. It looks like he is shocked that he is sitting up. It was right after Christmas and New Year’s and we were trying to get rid of a really bad infection. It was a REALLY hard time for all of us and I had failed to realize that he had started to sit up until this day. I grabbed the camera and took several pictures hoping that it would cement this moment in my mind.
He was just over 6 months in this picture and was having horrible outbreaks of diaper rash. We would get it under control and then it would flare up again. He was on so many antibiotics to get rid of a reoccurring ear infection. This was also about the time that we decided to get tubes for both boys.
This was right after the tubes. Silas started to sleep 12 hours at night almost immediately. It was one of the best decisions that we made.
I LOVE this picture.
And this one, too. Silas loves the bath. There have been a few times that he has ended up in the tub before his clothes are off because he was so excited to get wet.
This picture looks so much like Mark’s family. I sometimes look at him and wonder how this kid is mine. When people that know Mark and I see Silas for the first time, they are always shocked by the blonde. I adore his blonde hair and blue eyes.
Silas also loves to wrestle and will attack if you are on his level. Even toys are subject to his playful pounces. He loves his brother, his food, pacis, and his walker. He has even started to let go of objects he is holding onto to balance himself and finds himself standing. Brooks then yells, “Silas is standing Momma!!” I think he is really excited at the prospect of Silas being able to chase him. They are like little cub bears. They really love and enjoy each other.
My Sweet Baby Boy,
I hate to see you grow up but if that means I get to witness you becoming a little person then I’ll take it. Your little personality is budding and you are becoming more precious everyday. You imitate everything your brother does. Well, you try to do everything he does. We’ve been together for 12 months now and I can’t remember what it was like before you were in the picture. My sweet Silas, you have made me a more gracious and patient person. I am a better person because of you.
I love you!

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